Interior finishing

Interior finishing

From project to finished house.

We provide comprehensive interior design services for mobile homes. By choosing to work with us, you entrust us with every stage of the work, and as a result, you can be sure of the highest quality house construction.

You can individually select the finishing of the buildings according to your needs, design your own spaces, and change the standards of finishing for individual rooms.

The mobile homes are built in a framework construction standard from certified C-24 wood, which allows for very good structural properties.

  • Walls: 25 cm thick, premium composite panels.
  • Ceiling: 20 cm thick, MDF panels
  • Floor: 25 cm thick, premium composite panels

Mobile homes already in the basic holiday option have full thermal and vapor insulation, which puts their usability on par with traditional houses.

  • Walls: 20 cm thick rock wool
  • Ceiling: 20 cm thick rock wool
  • Floor: 20 cm thick rock wool

The standard-equipped mobile homes have a complete water and sewage installation, as well as valves for emptying the installation during the winter period.

  • Installation for kitchen at the setting location
  • Installation with fixtures in the bathroom
  • Optionally, an external water source
  • Valves prepared for emptying the installation
  • Water installation in the PEX system
  • Sewage installation: PVC

The standard-equipped mobile homes have a three-phase electrical installation, which ensures use without overloading the installation.

  • Three-phase electrical installation
  • Separation of zones on separate fuses
  • Internal lighting
  • Installation for electric heating
  • Optionally, an antenna installation
  • Optionally, external lighting
  • Optionally, installation for monitoring
  • Optionally, external electrical sockets

The mobile homes have a steel base that provides a durable foundation for the wooden structure. It allows for easy and repeated transportation of the mobile home from place to place, as well as installation without building a foundation.

  • Solid steel frame
  • Transportation of the mobile home is carried out using a low-loader trailer
  • Loading is carried out by a crane
  • Additionally, mounted mobile axles for moving the mobile home, providing any place for installation and easier management of the site

You also have the option to equip the mobile homes with complete furnishings. We provide this service based on furniture ordered from popular furniture stores or on request, assembling it in your mobile home.

  • Custom-made bedroom furniture according to customer’s specifications
  • Assembly of bedroom furniture
  • Custom-made kitchen furniture
  • Assembly of kitchen furniture
  • Connection of household appliances in the mobile home
  • Installation of non-standard equipment.

We create an individual appearance for your mobile home. Thanks to our design service, the mobile home will be tailored to your expectations:

  • Visualization of the exterior of the mobile home, selection of materials
  • Division of interior rooms
  • Selection of finishing materials
  • Visualization of interior design.

Our company makes every effort to ensure that the building is properly located on your property, providing a service for the placement of the building, connection to utilities, preparation of the ground, and logistics of the buildings.

  • Placement of the building in the designated location
  • Logistics of the mobile home to the customer
  • Connection of electricity and water-sewage installations.

By choosing our house, we guarantee:


We are here to help and support you create the perfect home.


We rely on the highest quality materials in our houses.


You can move into your dream home in just a few months.


Our company offers many technological solutions.