Energy efficiency of modular homes

Energy efficiency of modular homes

Mobile homes can be energy efficient if we make good use of their potential. By choosing materials with the right parameters and applying new technologies, energy costs can be reduced, saving a lot of money. This can make living in your mobile home more comfortable.


When choosing the right heating system, it is important to match the appropriate unit to your mobile home. Having the right device can help save money on fuel and provide a quieter and more energy-efficient heating system.

A heat pump is a type of system commonly used in mobile homes. It uses the same concept as a central air conditioning unit but is designed to provide a more efficient and cost-effective system.


Single room air conditioners can be used to cool a home, but using a central air conditioning system is more efficient. Large central air conditioners may not seem more energy efficient, but they are when you divide your mobile home into zones and only cool the area where you are located. At night, you can save money by not cooling the kitchen or living room.

Leaks (windows and doors)

Mobile home windows should be double glazed to minimize air infiltration. The same goes for exterior doors; those with a solid core will prevent leaks.

Managing solar heat

Solar energy can save a lot of money if managed properly. You may think you have never used solar energy in your home, but you have. This does not refer to photovoltaic panels, although they are a great solution. Solar energy heats your home on hot days, increasing cooling costs. By using window shades, you can reduce sunlight by up to 80%.

The color of the roof and the material used on it can also have a big impact on how much the sun heats your home on summer days.


Insulation is a well-known way to improve a home’s energy efficiency. Insulation is rated on an „R” scale. The higher the „R” value, the better the insulation.