Heating in modular homes

Heating in modular homes

Heating in modular homes does not differ from the technology used in masonry construction. There are many options, so it is worth paying attention to them and considering which option is right for you.

Types of heating that can be used in homes include:

• Gas boiler;
• Oil boiler;
• Heat pump;
• Electric;
• Solid fuel;
• Gas boilers.

Which of the above options is the best?
Currently, the most efficient solution for heating and cooling a building is a heat pump. There are many benefits, including:

• No need for a chimney in the house;
• No need for a gas connection;
• No radiators – because the pump forces the use of underfloor heating;
• No need for a boiler room – modern heat pumps look nice, are very quiet, and can be installed in the hallway, laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.
• In summer, it cools and can function as an air conditioner;
• It is inexpensive to operate and maintenance-free.
At first glance, the downside may be the price, which is not favorable. However, considering the savings we generate by not making gas connections or installing a chimney, it is worth investing. Additionally, the operating costs of a heat pump are low.